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Brian Stimpson

Medical Assistant
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Manchester, New Hampshire
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Adi Apr 11 273 views

What are good reasons to become a CMA?

What type of pay do CMAs get?
What type of promotions are there for CMAs?
Will I be working with doctors as well as nurses?

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Kimberly Apr 09 282 views

What classes could I take so I can get the feeling of how the medical field and medical careers are?

I want to get into the medical field, and I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what I could be and I am aware that there’s a lot of medical stuff, such as a doctor, physician assistant, anesthesiologist, and more. And I will say that anesthesiologist does interest me but i’m not sure… so,...

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Samantha Feb 13 521 views

Is the schedule flexible?

When working as a Certified Medical Assistant are employers flexible for the schedule? For example say I have a weekly doctors appointment will they work around that?

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Aaliyah Mar 18 598 views

What are the three most important things to know before becoming a medical assistant?

What would you consider the three most important things to consider when it comes to being a medical assistant?