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Manchester, New Hampshire

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Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle 2 days ago 468 views

What is it like to be a penetration tester?

Hi! I am currently looking at possibly becoming a penetration tester. What is an average day on the job look like? What skills and software should I be familiar with?

sophia’s Avatar
sophia May 22 415 views

How can I begin playing soccer and enhance my abilities?

Hi, I am a 15-year-old who recently started ballet classes around February. I am interested in picking up another sport, specifically soccer. Although I have never played soccer on a team or taken any classes, there are no options available for kids my age in my area. I have even considered...

Neville’s Avatar
Neville May 15 190 views

How can I shadow a pilot for a day?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial pilot or not.

aubrey’s Avatar
aubrey May 06 316 views

What is your favorite part about being a pediatric doctor, and what are the downfalls?

I am very interested in having a future career path in the pediatric unit. To be more exact I either want to be a pediatric nurse, or general surgeon. I am 15 years old and in 9th grade, and my whole life this career path has always stuck out to me. This year I am in honors science, and next...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Mar 25 644 views

What are some summer programs for research I can take?

I’m a rising sophomore, and I am trying to build a good background in life sciences like biology/biochemistry and research for college. I want to apply for top schools, thus I felt it was best to start setting the foundation now itself. Are there any (preferably online, or in the Boston...

mya’s Avatar
mya Mar 12 314 views

why won't my small business blow up I realized it about a week ago?

I sell bracelets and I made this website on big cartel for me to make money and I have only got two orders from my friend and my uncle

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Feb 28 1017 views

Do Ivy League schools give scholarships?

My situation financially, is very poor and I probably can’t even afford an undergraduate degree. I’m aiming for a Biochemistry undergrad at the top schools, do they offer scholarships?

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Feb 23 705 views

What classes should I pursue in High School to help achieve my mechanical engineering/business dreams?

I'm currently a freshman in high school but I'm not sure what classes to take and I was hoping someone could help me.

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Feb 04 321 views

How can i learn more about marine biology and oceanography in a community college than take that knowledge to a 4 year university and make it my living?

How can I learn the most about, the ocean its own metrics and how it works, as well as all its wild life that survives in it and how i can use the knowledge i learn to make a difference and better they living situations plus spread my knowledge and awareness to others who’d want to learn more...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 29 646 views

Help! I’m stuck between Med-School and Law, what do I go for?

I’m a freshman in high school, my GPA is 3.96 and straight A’s. I’m in a Medical Careers club and a Mock Trial club at my high school. This weekend I was in a Mock Trial as the defendant’s attorney in criminal proceedings(aggravated assault and battery charges for juvenile male, 17 tried as an...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 24 579 views

Any strategies for studying Maths?

I’m just not good at maths, any ideas?

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 22 372 views

My math midterms marks were terrible(D+ or C-), I’m in my freshman year of high school, how much will it bring down my GPA?

It accounts for 4% of the total semester grade.

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 19 812 views

What are extracurricular activities, how would that factor into my college application?

I’m lost on what extracurricular activities are, but I’ve done some research and it talks about volunteering? My aspiration is med school, and I want a great profile for the top universities for my biochemistry undergrad. I have also enrolled in multiple competitions for research and projects...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 19 795 views

I have a low GPA as a freshman, how would that affect my application to colleges?

I’ve newly joined a high school freshman year, straight after moving internationally. But while adjusting, I realized my GPA is terrible for what my aspirations are. It’s a 3.76 unweighted and I’m nervous it’ll affect my application to college in the long run. Any idea how I can help it?

Renata’s Avatar
Renata Jan 07 386 views

What are somethings that I must do after my 18th birthday?

There are certain things that I know I should do like getting a credit card, but what other things and how can I accoplish them?

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