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John R. Oct 22, 2016 814 views

Is it more important to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering, or is Mechanical Engineering sufficient?

Do I need to make sure my school offers a degree in Aerospace Engineering? Mechanical Engineering is much more common. I want to go into the Aerospace and Aeronautics field when I graduate, and I want to do everything I can to ensure my success. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...

#aerospace-engineering #aeronautics #aerospace #mechanical-engineer

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John R. Oct 22, 2016 663 views

I want to get into Aerospace Engineering. Is a 4-year degree enough to get started?

What else should I plan on doing if I want a career in aerospace engineering? Do I need an internship? Do I need to plan on an advanced degree? #engineering #mechanical-engineering #airline-industry #aerospace-engineering #mechanical-engineer #aerospace...