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Is it more important to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering, or is Mechanical Engineering sufficient?

Asked Berlin, Germany

Do I need to make sure my school offers a degree in Aerospace Engineering? Mechanical Engineering is much more common. I want to go into the Aerospace and Aeronautics field when I graduate, and I want to do everything I can to ensure my success. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #mechanical-engineer #aerospace #aeronautics

3 answers

Andrei’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

In my opinion, the Mechanical Engineering degree is more valuable since you can apply it in many various fields. I have a friend that got his Aeronautical Engineering and could not find any work at the time, so he returned to school to get his mechanical engineering degree, and was quickly hired by General Dynamics. He would tell me how the Aeronautical engineers would design a system, and then pass it on to him to figure out how to make it work and integrated with the other systems. I think you should be in good shape with the mechanical engineering. Good luck!

I agree! My grandpa was an Aeronautical Engineer and he found a job because General Dynamics was specifically looking for those individuals with that degree. Now that the U.S. has abandoned its space shuttle program, a Mechanical Engineering degree may prove more valuable so that an individual can apply his/her knowledge to more applications.

Glenn’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

I think you answered your own question. Aeronautic is a specialized degree that focuses on Aerospace and Aeronautics. Mechanical Engineering is a more general degree that can be applied to Aerospace and Aeronautics. If you want to focus on Aerospace and Aeronautic, take the degree course that indicate your commitment to the field. The hiring companies and hiring managers will note your focus based on your degree, your projects, and your activities outside of your mandatory school work.

Rohit’s Answer


great question, the answer to this question is quite interesting actually. Aerospace engineering is actually an extension of Mechanical engineering. So a bachelors in Mechanical engineering would give you an idea by the end of your junior year, then you can decide if you want to get in to aerospace engineering or not.