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I want to be a Wildland Firefighter in Palmer Alaska at a Hot Shot Crew.


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chankrisna May 13 286 views

how can i be be better at Time Management?

Time management is Vital to Everyday Life, every moment counts even if you are on or off the clock. just like Managing my money, i've also Learned to manage my time. How so? lets say i have to be at work at a Specific time, i would get up early just so i have enough time to do things i need,...

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chankrisna May 13 200 views

why is it so important to choose a Good Career Path and Why?

correct me if i am wrong, i am just just going with what i know and my experiences. but i Believe choosing the right Career path for you is Vital. it is important to find the right Career path/occupation, because in the world we live in it is somewhat difficult to get by. having a Good job...

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chankrisna May 13 293 views

"what", "how', "why"

the reason of me typing this is because i have an interest in a Particular Career: Wildland firefighting. how i will get there is by working hard, proving myself and continuing to work on my work ethic. why am i doing this? because i love this Occupation, i think it is Interesting and very...