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Jadyn Jul 12 364 views

Would going to Mizzou university be a good school to go to if i want to become a surgeon in the future?

I am currently trying to find a good school to go to pursue my career. Im also not really sure what i would have to study or what programs to do in college. So i was wondering if anyone can provide tips and is Missouri is not a good school option maybe recommend some. I want to either be a...

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Jadyn Jul 10 378 views

Are Dillards University and FAMU good colleges to go to for becoming a ultrasound tech?

I have been trying to do research on good universities to go to for ultrasound because i do not want to go to a community college, im not sure if they have a caahep accredit ion, so i was wondering if anyone can help me find out .. and if they are which school might be better

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Jadyn Jul 02 297 views

When becoming a sonographer do i need to find a CAAHEP program before college ?

i am very confused on what to do first when looking at the steps to become a sonographer. Because i want to attend a university but online i see most people going to a community college. And does it matter. I would also like to know about the caahep program because the college i want to attend...

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Jadyn Jul 02 171 views

what are the steps to becoming a sonographer ?

i know i want to go to a four year college, and major in anatomy. but im not sure the steps after, like finding a dms program after college and actually starting the process because the college i want to attend doesnt have a dms program