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Rachel B. Dec 05, 2016 524 views

Is Ivy league everything?

Is attending an Ivy league school going to really help me get better jobs? Is it worth it when compared to a high ranked non-Ivy league university? #college #university #admissions #ivy...


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Rachel B. Dec 05, 2016 2273 views

What would be a good minor to go with a biology major?

Should I minor in a field that is different from biology? Or would it be beneficial to minor in a related field? #college #science #biology #major...


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Rachel B. Dec 02, 2016 386 views

Is it possible to have a degree in one of the sciences (like biology, chemistry, or microbio) and get into business? What are the pros and cons of having a science degree in the business world?

I want to pursue a degree in science and with this, I have heard that there are people who go into business with science degrees. Do they have an advantage over others? What are the pros and...

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Rachel B. Dec 02, 2016 565 views

How vital is it to get to know my professors who are outside my area of interest?

I am a freshman who wants to study biology, but I also take classes that are not in the field of science (history and english). Should I try to make connections with those professors that are not within my major? #college #professors...