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Lindsey S. Mar 12, 2015 1514 views

What qualities and skills do startups look for in a new hire?

I am in 10th grade, living in Boston, and I am very interested in business and entrepreneurship. I have been hearing a lot about startup companies and wonder what kinds of qualities or skills I’d need to have in order to get an internship with a startup and to eventually work for one #business...

#entrepreneurship #startups

Meghann D.’s Avatar
Meghann D. Jun 16, 2016 737 views

When having responsibilities both at home and at a full time job, how do you balance them to make the best of both?

I am asking this because as a full time student I have responsibilities that require my attention both at home and at school, and it has proven difficult to balance them both. #organization #work-life-balance...


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Martin S. Feb 23, 2017 574 views

What are the steps needed to successfully start up your own enterprise and be able to manage it financially?

I want to be able to start up my own business after graduating from a university but am not sure what the processes are. #business...