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Maycee May 17, 2016 719 views

Which is a better plan for nursing school, community college first then university or straight into university?

I need to know because I can not afford university right now but really want to be a nurse. #college #nursing #higher-education #career

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David Sep 10, 2017 1165 views

I can't take calculus, chemistry, nor physics cause they don't teach that in 9th. The only class that I have that has to do with mechanical engineering is biology.

So I was wondering if I should study calculus over the internet or should I just study in my math class although my math class isn't calculus and study in my biology class. #mechanical-engineering #internet #math #chemistry #physics #higher-education #high-school-classes

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Layten Sep 01, 2017 861 views

How can I maximize my education and opportunities in college and apply them to life after college>

#college #real-world #opportunities #higher-education