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Terrilynn Cantlon

POET -Liminal Gender Equity Researcher / Essay Writer / Writing Tutor / Educator / Critical Thinker & Literature Maven
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
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Zayda Mar 27, 2018 1345 views

What are the best tips you can give for writing a college essay?

#tips #Essays #college #college-recruiting

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Cassandra May 18, 2016 1008 views

What advice would you give on how to best manage your time?

I want to be the most prepared that I can be for college! #college #higher-education #time-management

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k May 20, 2016 1086 views

How can I study more effectively?

i can't able to concentrate on education #general #college #time-management #higher-education

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k May 22, 2016 1564 views

How can I get better at math?

#mathematics #math #higher-education #college

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Julie May 13, 2016 1431 views

Who/what do you think truly decides where you go to college?

Most people claim their decision to enroll in a certain college was completely their own. But is this accurate? How much of an influence do you think counselors, family members, friends, and/or money have in their decision? Are there other factors that may indirectly influence their decision?...