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Orleisha Mar 18, 2018 693 views

After receiving a BS in biology, and going onto medical School. Is becoming a dermatologist the smartest idea?

I have came to the conclusion that I would like to major in biology. Biology is fascinating, as you learn about evolution and ecology. I have decided to become a dermatologist. I do not know much about dermatology but I am willing to learn. #dermatologist #dermatology #bio #biology

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Orleisha Mar 18, 2018 708 views

When entering into the medical field, is it better to major in nursing or biology?

Throughout most of my life, I always wanted to become a pediatrician. I love helping others and making a difference. Whether it be an accomplishment or a tough obstacle , everything you do in life reflects upon your character. I am kind , loving, and nurturing, which makes me gravitate more...