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Samantha M. Mar 31, 2018 524 views

Why don't admissions officers tell students why they were rejected?

I have been receiving my college acceptance (and sadly, rejection) letters lately. I understand that admission officers have to read literally thousands of applications but it hurts to not know why you weren't selected for their school. There are students out there getting rejected by their...

collegerejection collegeacceptance college-admissions admissionofficers why help admissions

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Samantha M. Mar 31, 2018 550 views

Honestly, what is college like?

What is a typical college day like? What do you do? I have some friends who love their college experience and others hate it. I want a holistic but honest idea of college. I am looking forward to it but I just want to know. Everyone's experience is different but I'd still like to know....

experience college college-advice

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Samantha M. Mar 27, 2018 516 views

What exactly does it mean to be a board-certified surgeon?

Why is it that board-certified physicians/surgeons are held to a higher standard than others? What exactly does it mean to be board-certified? Just more certificates from exams? How does one become board-certified? boardcertified surgeon physician doctor...


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Samantha M. Mar 27, 2018 1368 views

What is a typical day for a neurosurgeon like?

I want to know more about their shifts and the time they spend at a hospital. Also, how they manage their time to work and rest throughout the day. How long are most neurosurgeries? neurosurgery medicine...