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Houston, Texas
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I want to be a deep sea biologist.

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Caroline (Skyler) Mar 27, 2018 809 views

Will the influx of students interested in majoring in a form of marine science make it harder for me to get a career once I graduate?

A lot of people I know are going to college for a form of marine science, like #marine-biology. Is it already a competitive career? And will it become more competitive? #marine-science #career #biology

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Caroline (Skyler) Mar 27, 2018 713 views

Is it more worth it to apply for and/or receive a large amount of small scholarships or a small amount of large scholarships?

It is very time consuming and tedious to apply for one hundred low-value scholarships, but it is difficult for me to write essays for the prompts associated with higher-value scholarships. #scholarships #college-advice #college #financial-services