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Harry Rosenberg

Assurance Associate at PwC
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Elizabeth Oct 02, 2018 2091 views

Is a bachelor's degree enough to get an entry-level job in accounting or do you need a master's?


Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin May 15, 2018 946 views

Is it possible to run a business while in college?

Money is definitely a concern when attending college, but so is time. Is it possible for me to start a business/company while pursuing a degree in business administration at college, or should I wait until after graduation to have more time and less stress? #business #entrepreneurship #college...

Acacia’s Avatar
Acacia Jan 20, 2018 732 views

What are some methods for prioritizing when overwhelmed with schoolwork/activities?

As an incoming freshman in college, I'm excited about classes, making new friends, and joining extracurricular activities. However, am nervous I could get overwhelmed with work and commitments. What is the best way to prioritize in college? #prioritizing #time-management