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Olivia W. May 15, 2018

What are activities I can participate in before classes start so that I don't get homesick? List some activities that I can look for or groups I can join that will make this transition smoother?

Living on campus away from my family will be a first for me and my family. I am the first of my family to leave home and attend college away. I am anxious and nervous. I am a very independent person but since is the first time I have been away from my family I want to know what are some things...

#college #onmyown #newadventure4all #college-bound

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Olivia W. May 15, 2018

Is it better for me to continue my education by earning a master's degree in nursing at the same university I obtain my bachelors from? Or should I Iook at other schools to further my education?

I am asking this question because I am not sure if I should continue my education before locking at an an employer or should I explore my options at other schools and earn an advanced degree in nursing. I want to begin to use my degree and begin my career as a nurse but not sure if it is worth...

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