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Lais Bonfogo Lentz

Inventory Management Analyst at Dell EMC
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Emem Sep 29, 2018 559 views

What are the chances of a female being successful in petroleum engineering?

#engineering #women

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Calyston May 30, 2017 797 views

What do I need to go to college to be a chef? And what is the difficulty of such? Because I am from Brazil and I want to follow this profession, I will probably do it in Brazil but I would like to know how it works here.

Because I want to pursue a career and I'm curious. #chef #gastronomy #cooking #cooking-and-baking #gourmet-cooking #career-details

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Matthew Sep 28, 2017 918 views

Would having a degree in accounting be beneficial if I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Would really like to have my own business one day. #futurebusinessowner

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Macy May 29, 2018 979 views

Is it better to go to college in person or do online schooling?