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Watsonville, California
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soledad Sep 27, 2018 970 views

Is Academy of Arts in San Francisco good?

I talked to the admissions representative and they sounded so nice and genuine, but i am nervous because i talked to my schools college counselor and she said that it's a for profit school and they don't always have the best interested in students needs. The school has everything i want to try...

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soledad Sep 27, 2018 870 views

Community College or Universities?

Applying to colleges is stressful. One thing i'm thankful is that ever since 6th grade my school made us focus on college. I used to complain but i've never been so thankful. Now i need to make a decision if i want to attend a community or University. I have the grades but not the money. What...

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soledad Aug 27, 2018 484 views

How do you get ready for college?

I'm scared to start college, and i don't know if my best friend will be attending the same college.

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soledad Aug 27, 2018 683 views

Whats a good major for acting?

I don't like acting in theatre, I want something more like television based.
#entertainment #choosing majors