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Intern at Saldana+Associates Architects, Inc.
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San Antonio, Texas
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Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Sep 01, 2017 1104 views

How much salary does a typical Architect make?

I'm talking about a degreed, certified Architect. I'm getting some indication that they don't make as much as college professors. Is this true? Anyone have real life information?
#architecture #architect #architecture-and-planning

Audra’s Avatar
Audra Mar 14, 2018 8753 views

What minor should I choose with a master's in architecture?

I plan to major in architecture and was wondering what minors would go along with architecture. I plan to become a certified architect and have my own firm. I know business would be a good minor, but are there any others? #architect #architecture #architecture-and-planning #college-minor...

Erika’s Avatar
Erika Jan 22, 2018 1042 views

What do architecture programs in college look for in portfolios when applying?

I've heard that applying to architecture schools is really competitive. I've looked up some sample portfolios online, and they're always so amazing! I think of myself as an artistic person, but I don't think my art skills are phenomenal. If I don't have fantastic art pieces for my portfolio,...