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James Fasulo, MS

Academic Advisor at Portland Community College
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Portland, Oregon
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Angela’s Avatar
Angela Feb 19, 2019 9568 views

What classes do I have to take in a Community College that can help for veterinary medicine?

# #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #college #communitycollege

Jeslyani’s Avatar
Jeslyani Feb 19, 2019 431 views

What other things could I be doing to prepare for going into the medical field?

#medical-career #doctor #nursing

jeannine’s Avatar
jeannine Feb 14, 2019 695 views

How difficult is it to get a job as a journalist?


Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 16, 2018 1040 views

How to transition from one field to another after completing an online degree? Is my online degree as valuable as a physical university's degree?#onlinedegree

I am studying online and not working in this field yet, and want to know how to transition to a job in my new field, and I am concerned that my online degree will not be as valuable as other universities.#online-education #education #higher-education #academic-advising