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Satyabh Mishra

Senior RF/Wireless Engineer (Electronics)
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Mountain View, California
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theo’s Avatar
theo Mar 15, 2019 2024 views

If you are an electrical engineer, will you be working independently or with a partner or group?

Is it like working together or what? # #engineering #engineer #electrical-engineering

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Mar 18, 2019 585 views

What skills outside of college should i perfect that would benefitme towards a computer hardware degree

#computer-science #computer-hardware #computer-engineering #college

hanfu’s Avatar
hanfu Mar 20, 2019 702 views

Trying to shift career to software engineering at age of 30. Any advice?

After browsed many pages of questions i barely found q&as about career shift. I would like to throw one. I am a environmental engineer worked for 5 years with a master degree. In recent two years i started feeling more and more interested to the computer science and coding, especially in...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Mar 19, 2019 441 views

What should i consider if i wanted to go into mechanical or electrical engineering.

I am interested in engineering because i feel like that is what will make the most money in the future.


Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 12, 2018 1575 views

What is it like to be a computer engineer

I'm asking because I want to be one and I want to know if that is what fits me. I'm also asking so I can see what the experience is like so if I become one I already know. #engineer