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William W. Sep 04, 2018 152 views

United States Navy Seabee

What should I do education wise, to become a seabee? #military #career...


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wyatt M. Nov 27, 2018 205 views

what is your daly life like as an aircraft mechanic in the military?

I am currently in job corps and pursuing a career in mechanics and planning to join the us navy afterwards. #military #aviation #navy...


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corey C. Apr 10, 2019 170 views

where to live

where is the best place to live for someone in computer software...


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shatir H. Apr 10, 2019 77 views
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Jacobi R. Apr 10, 2019 54 views

Is it hard to mess up in the pharmacy?

Would it be hard to mess up on somebody's prescription or the medicine somebody...

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Kelsey B. Apr 10, 2019 77 views
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Assetou C. Apr 10, 2019 109 views