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Swetha Apr 22, 2019 293 views

I am planning to apply for MS in Data Science in 2020. What can I do to improve my profile in the next one year?

I have a bachelor’s instrumentation and Control Engineering, graduated in 2018. I am working in the IOT domain on Machine learning projects. What can I do, apart from the work experience, to improve my profile to get top colleges?

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Mason Sep 05, 2018 894 views

I want to work at microsoft

I like microsoft and designing #Microsoft


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Denzel Apr 04, 2018 646 views

High school internships

Are there any internship opportunities available for rising sophomores and/or rising juniors in high school? Possibly in major technological industries such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc?

#apple #google #microsoft #internships

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Damon Jan 19, 2018 660 views

What would be a good job to get with my credentials?

I am certified in Microsoft Office Specialist Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.
I am having trouble finding jobs that are looking for my certifications to work for them so I can work on paying for college.
#business #microsoft-office #scholarships