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Harry S. Jun 08 176 views

Can you still try for being a doctor even if you are bad at math?

Even when I was young, I wasn't really confident in math nor even good at it. Where I am curious if I can still run towards my dream which is becoming a neurosurgeon even if I am bad at math. #math #medicine...


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Harry S. May 13 130 views

How do you get a lab internship as a high school student?

I would love to know, be introduced, or be given with any tips towards getting into a lab internship as a high school student specifically inside the pediatrics, behavior science, or Autism related lab research. #internship #student #highschool #science...


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Harry S. Aug 20, 2019 132 views

Tips for getting Ph.D degree on neuroscience and then becoming a doctor.

Hello, I am currently a high school freshman. I have a strong passion for neuroscience, and I want to get a Ph.D. degree in neuroscience and then to apply for medical school as a licensed doctor, where I am an international student, so I will need also need to take graduate medical programs in...

#healthcare #medicine #neuroscience #doctor