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Rashaan Jun 10, 2022 576 views

Do I need a college education to proceed with becoming a Music Composer/Arranger?

Is a college education required for me to start this career?

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ronldo Oct 27, 2020 450 views

Did you ever feel like quitting or not trying because you could be the best or get to where you are right now?

Hello, I am a student from Whitmore lake Middle and Highschool. I am doing an assignment where I search up jobs I like and ask questions. #FamilyMedicinePhysician #college

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Oct 29, 2019 779 views

What is the best path to medical school

I graduated from high school in Mexico in 2017. I’m attending a community college, this is my first quarter.
I would love advice in what path to take
Thank you
#college #medicine #premed #healthcare

Kysha’s Avatar
Kysha Mar 26, 2018 652 views

Should i take out student loans?

I need more money to pay for school because my parents will not pay for my schooling so i am doing it on my own and I need a way to pay so would loans be a good idea? #loans #college #financial-planning

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Dec 10, 2019 645 views

Should teaching music instruments be for all ages?

#music-education #music #teaching

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Dec 10, 2019 562 views

Should teaching children music instruments be cheaper?

#teaching #music-education #music