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Thomas Bak

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Chicago, Illinois
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Derek Apr 12, 2018 788 views

How do I get qualified for law enforcement?

Senior in high school and interesting in law enforcement.
#police #law-enforcement #detective #criminal-justice

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Apr 03, 2018 656 views

Would my employer provide me with the right PPE? If I fail to use it what might happen to me?

#heavyequipment #public-safety

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Apr 05, 2018 827 views

If you dont wear your PPE on the job site will you be fired?

#heavyequipment #public-safety

syed ansaar’s Avatar
syed ansaar May 03, 2016 742 views

What I have to study after 10th to be a police officer?

It's my dream to be a police officer? #police #law-enforcement

jovanny’s Avatar
jovanny May 17, 2016 865 views

How many arrests did you have to do per year?

i'm saying this question beacouse i want to catch bad guys hahaha #police #law-enforcement #police-officer