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Thomas Heid

Composer, Arranger, Sound designer, Recording engineer, Producer, Motific developer, Consultant, Owner at twheidmusic.
Grapevine, Texas
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jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan May 31, 2016 521 views

What type of breed dog is good for the Fire fighter force.

Well because if fire fighter cant find anybody and need another set of sent. #firearms

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 01, 2016 3250 views

I am interested in music. Besides being a musician or teacher, what other musical jobs could I look for?

I enjoy music and would love to find a career related to music. #music #musician #radio #audio

Armani’s Avatar
Armani May 23, 2016 7202 views

What kind of jobs can you get with a minor in music?

I am minoring in music and I play the flute.

Silviya’s Avatar
Silviya May 21, 2016 722 views

Do you need a master degree to pursue a career in the music industry

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business degree and I wonder if this degree will give me sufficient quallification to pursue a career in this field or I have to apply for Masters Degree upon graduating. #business #music

Faythe’s Avatar
Faythe May 22, 2016 1341 views

Whats the musical term "hemiola" mean

I am a senior(about to graduate 6/10/16) I am a musician, I play a variety of instruments and I plan on attending University of North Carolina school of arts. To be honest I'm doing this for the scholarship money but I would like to see what the actual definition of this term is because I have...