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Emmonak, AK

Within 40 mile radius
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Pius Aug 31, 2021 484 views

Computer Support Specialist

# #computer-science #computer #information-technology
What pathway would you suggest me to a successful future in becoming one? And which degree should I be aiming for in College?

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Pius Aug 26, 2021 452 views

Which occupation would fit me for Computer Tech career path?

#computer #technology
I love building Computers with an absolute passion! I can't really handle stress but hopefully some will be manageable. I'm mostly liking hands on work. #computer-software

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Pius Aug 25, 2021 536 views

Computer System Analyst

#computer-software #information-technology
I'm very curious on what's it like to be a Computer System Analyst on a usual work day

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Pius Aug 25, 2021 692 views

Software Developer

#software #technology #software-engineer #computer-software
What does a typical work day looks like and what is recommended for me to prepare for this profession

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Pius Aug 24, 2021 717 views

What type of work does a Computer Hardware Engineer does on a day to day basis?

#computer-software #computer-engineering

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