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Nai’s Avatar
Nai Mar 29, 2022 709 views

Psychologist or a baker?

I have been thinking on my career since I finished school, about 2 years ago. I have a degree in psychology and I am currently working as a young educator and I volunteer as a chat operator, basically providing emotional support to all of our clients. I love to listen and to help out...

Maia’s Avatar
Maia Jan 11, 2017 944 views

What subjects are best for an accountant?

I would like to study to be an accountant and in school we must choose 2 extra subjects to study for our future career. I would like to know which are the best 2 subjects for a great carrer . #business #computer #accounting #mathematics #business-development #it #accountant

Tia’s Avatar
Tia May 16, 2016 686 views

How do you handle children with learning disabilities in your classroom?

I wanna be prepared for anything when I enter my career. #educator #k-12-education

Tia’s Avatar
Tia May 16, 2016 813 views

How do you differentiate instruction in your classroom?

I'm going to teach fourth grade and I think differentiating instruction may be difficult. #educator #k-12-education

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