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What subjects are best for an accountant?

I would like to study to be an accountant and in school we must choose 2 extra subjects to study for our future career. I would like to know which are the best 2 subjects for a great carrer .

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Hi, Great question, I am not in Accounting but my sister in law is. Accounting is a good field as a general career and can offer a lot of specialization as well...I will offer a few suggestions for other courses...criminal justice is one area, with this you can go into Forensic Accounting and possibly have a career in a law enforcement agency. Another is public administration/government, this can open up careers for you in city, county, state and federal government. Anything in business and management will help you to be a leader/manager can really do almost anything with accounting, it depends a lot on your interests and goals as well. Good luck!

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