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Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Within 40 mile radius
O'Neal’s Avatar
O'Neal Apr 30 278 views

How can I become the best radiographer I can be?

I'm a radiographer in training and I'm scared of starting with the wrong idea in mind and I'm also scared of being just a "regular" radiographer I want to be able to stand out after my practice

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jul 09, 2022 950 views

What are some ways to narrow down career options?

I'm trying to pick a career path for university but don't have a clear goal in mind. I enjoy/am good at math, science, English literature/writing, and humanities; I'm struggling to narrow down a career path and/or major for university.

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Jul 30, 2020 633 views

What fields are expected to grow rapidly in the next decade?

What career options or career fields will there be a higher demand for skilled labor in the near future?


Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Jul 30, 2020 492 views

What are common pitfalls when planning their career?

This could be any kind of career in general


David’s Avatar
David Oct 09, 2019 1103 views

I'm 25 years old

I have no work experience besides working in the family business (restaurant) I almost finished my Business Bachelors' degree, -which in my opinion is not really valuable. On the side, I try to lean Python and some Computer science principals and taking extra courses on coursera and EDX. and...

David’s Avatar
David Apr 07, 2019 586 views

Should I focus on clinical medicine or data science?

#medicine #doctor #programming #computer #epidemiology

Danixa’s Avatar
Danixa May 18, 2016 809 views

In social work, can you travel to third world countries and help children in need?

I have always wanted to work with kids, but especially the ones who had gone through the a lot of things in life, not just kids but also teenagers. #work #social

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