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How stressful is a double major?

Currently I am split between business (economics) and biomedical science in terms of career paths to pursue. When I tell others this they say business goes well with everything so I should double major. Being in high school I have no idea the rigor of attaining a degree for a major. That being said how hard is it to double major? How long should it take? Does it take away from you’re overall “college experience?”
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3 answers

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Well, before I answer your question, I need to say this: life is filled with many stressors. Some of them come calling, out of the blue, catching you unawares. What you need to learn to do is to manage your stress levels when it gets into the danger zone (when you cannot function...). Some stress is good - it is what energizes to get up in the morning and do things, and to learn things.

IF you truly want to double-major, go for it. Find out what you are made of, so to speak. What you can handle, what you cannot handle. How will you know if you don't try?

I cannot reiterate sufficiently on learning how to manage stress. Look for workshops that are offered by your university in managing stress. It will serve you well, in the long term.

Good luck in college. Follow your bliss!

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Michelle’s Answer

Hi Armani,

Earning a double major will take a lot of planning and hard work however, it will be a very rewarding experience. You will take away more versatility and be diverse that could potentially make you more marketable in the workforce. If you felt double majoring would take too much time away from your college experience, there is the possibility to look into majoring in Biomedical Sciences and have a minor in Business. I would recommend laying out the pros vs cons and consult with your school counselor about your questions.
Depending on your major, there are opportunities to double major with adding just a few more years to your education.

Overall it absolutely obtainable and would give you a huge sense of pride and personal accomplishment.
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Dan’s Answer

I was a double major in college and one thing to consider is how closely related the fields of study are when it comes to how much might be on your plate. For me, I knew I wanted to major in business but was split between operations management and marketing so I did both. This wasn't as much additional work because there was some overlap in requirements but it really helped me to market myself in the job interview process and figure out what I was actually interested. If you have a passion, then go for it--everything else will fall into place!