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Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 15, 2020 643 views

Thank you!

I know this is for questions but I just want to thank all the professionals for there answers and support
#thank you

Frieda’s Avatar
Frieda Apr 30, 2020 1062 views

How can I find virtual volunteer opportunities?

I will be applying to colleges as a transfer students but I don't have much volunteer experience and with everything happening right now, opportunities are hard to find #volunteer #college

Armani’s Avatar
Armani Aug 13, 2018 711 views

How stressful is a double major?

Currently I am split between business (economics) and biomedical science in terms of career paths to pursue. When I tell others this they say business goes well with everything so I should double major. Being in high school I have no idea the rigor of attaining a degree for a major. That being...

danieh’s Avatar
danieh May 06, 2020 873 views

What types of jobs can I pursue with a background in economics?

Hi, I'm a 16-year-old high school student determined to get an education in the areas of economics and business. I have a huge interest in these subjects but I'm not sure what types of jobs I would be pursuing as an economist in the future. #career #economics #business #highschool...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Mar 05, 2020 470 views

Best ways to find opportunities during university for volunteer or research or internship experience?

#volunteer #internship #job #first-job

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Apr 23, 2020 957 views

Important Skills to Break into Finance?

#finance #business #career

Meghan ’s Avatar
Meghan May 12, 2016 798 views

How much is a nutritionist salary?

I am interested in healthy living and nutrition and I was wondering how much nutritionist make because I might consider it as a career choice #nutrition #financial-planning

Cindy’s Avatar
Cindy May 13, 2020 721 views

I'm interested in learning more about your volunteer opportunities for college students. I'd love to get more info. Thanks!

#internship #college #volunteer

Salma’s Avatar
Salma Mar 03, 2020 521 views

How can I determine the best major and career path for me that will be beneficial in my future and my family?

Hello! I'm not sure how much information you'd like, so I'll start with some basics. I go to a Christian school as a 10th grader and play travel and school softball as my sport. I love to learn about how to stay healthy and improve the health of mine and others. I am disciplined, independent,...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Sep 18, 2018 1267 views

What buisness bachelors degree would be the most beneficial for an MBA?

#college #mba #college-major

McKenzie’s Avatar
McKenzie Jul 08, 2018 1322 views

How does an degree in Business Finance help in your personal financial life?

Did your major of Business Finance help you with learning personal investing?
#finance-major #finance #investing #budgeting #business #business-finance

ernesto’s Avatar
ernesto Sep 13, 2019 370 views

which states have the best pay for welding

is welding worth it #finance #finance

Zoya’s Avatar
Zoya Apr 25, 2018 2926 views

Can you get your Masters and Bachelors degree at the same time?

I am considering going into information technologies. I was wondering whether or not I can get my Bachelpr's and Master's degree at the same time in undergrad and/or grad school. #degrees #BS #MBA #help #highschool

William’s Avatar
William May 10, 2018 608 views

Any good jobs to do while doing a master's in nutrition?

Master's program are more expensive than undergraduate programs. And loan repayment can be annoying. What kind of job or internship would you recommend doing (if possible) while studying nutritional science for a master's degree? Also, how did you stay frugal during those times? #nutrition...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 05, 2020 330 views

What is a good specialty for someone who is shy?

#medicine #doctor