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Would it be more beneficial to obtain a minor or double major?

I am a currently biochemistry student and I am very indecisive in my career path. I want to ultimately research and help in the process of creating medicines and treatments to disorders, but I also want to study genetics and cancer stem research. So, I have decided to either undertake a minor or double major in molecular biology. Correct me on this if I am wrong, but I researched that with a biochemistry degree one can utilize it to help make medicine or find treatments to diseases and disorders. Meanwhile, a molecular biology degree can be utilized to study disorders and bacterial diseases. If I double major, I will need to take another extra math course(which I despise math!) or I can minor but I do not know if it will be enough to look good in my resume for future jobs or to get a career in my fields of interest. So, which is beneficial to do, get a minor or double major? biology college-major major science college double-major minor molecular biology genetics

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4 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

In your area, I think a minor would be your best route. Many of the other areas you are interested share skill/knowledge sets (genetics, biochemistry, etc.). If your major is biochemistry, I would consider a genetics minor if offered. If that isn't then microbiology, or molecular biology.

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Nabila’s Answer

My answer is a bit late, but I would say that any double major will be an asset!! It will allow you to stand out compared to your fellow graduates. However, as said on the other answers, a minor is sufficient to open laboratories doors for you which would help you specialize in a topic of interest . So, there's no need to take extra math courses...
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Hannah’s Answer

I think a minor is the right decision in this situation. Double majors make the most sense when the majors are dramatically different - like a double major in Math and Fine Arts. In your instance, the fields have a substantial amount of overlap. That being said, start going down the path of having one as your minor and you might find that they had so many pre-reqs in common that you're close to having a double major anyway!
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Shameka’s Answer

1st off GREAT JOB on attending college in the 1st place!!! Kudos to you. In my opinion, it would be great if you can obtain a minor. This way you can be more well rounded on your resume.

Shameka recommends the following next steps:

Get as much experience as possible such as: projects, internships, and work experience. This will all lead to getting you the job you want in the future.