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What steps should I take to get into Mobile Development

My Goal: Create an app similar to Tinder
*Please note, I'm not trying to throw my hat in the ring with Tinder, Bumble, and all of those. This is just a side project that I'm interested in, I'm not considering fighting against Tinder.

My Current Skills:
* Minimal experience with MEAN stack and React Native (tutorials & summer internship)
* Some experience with Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React (summer internship & hackathons)

My Resources: Youtube tutorials, Google, and Safari (such as Practical React Native: Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native)

My Plan:
- Pick either Android, iOS, or RN
- Complete tutorials in that language until I have a solid foundation for MobileDev
- Continue building my skills so I can create my goal app

Now, I am 100% willing to get some scrapes and bruises in order to create my goal app, no doubt about it. However, I want to make sure that I'm on the right track and doing this efficiently.

* Would it be okay for me to learn React Native first, then worry about learning native languages later? - I read about some risks with working with React Native and it seems like the general consensus is that if I'm a massive tech company, I should stick with native. I'm not a massive tech company, so I'm thinking React Native.
* Should I try to learn React Native and Android at the same time if I want to go into industry? I was told that if I want a Mobile Dev job, I should be working on learning Kotlin.
*Is there anything that maybe I didn't think of?

I'm looking for honest and genuine insight on this, both cautious and encouraging. Thank you for your time.

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2 answers

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Erik’s Answer


Really excited to see your plan. As a three time entrepreneur I have had the privilege to work with incredible engineers. Each of them has the common ability to learn new languages and approaches as they take on new challenges. I believe you will be fine to simply start however you like with the attitude that you will continue to learn languages based on the needs of your company, client or specific project. My niece is currently at HPE and through that experience has learned Python, Java as well as a few other frameworks. One other thing to consider is quickly looking for internships as well as full or part time roles where you can apply your knowledge. There is no substitute for experience.



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Morgan’s Answer

Hi Cassia! I honestly think your current path sounds fantastic, and I LOVE the enthusiasm you have :) If React Native is what you want to build this app in, go for it! Learn all you can about it! Personally, I think having a really good foundation in one language/framework is really helpful when you eventually start to learn the other languages you mentioned. So start out with just React Native, and once you've gotten the hang of it, move on to new languages. You might find that its way easier to pick up new languages when you already understand the basics/logic in another.