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What is the most difficult part of your job

What is the most difficult part of being a chef #chef #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts #hospitality

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3 answers

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hey Ryan!

Although I wasn't a chef-- I did work at a restaurant for years and interacted with the chefs often. They were at the restaurant for long hours each day and had to lead the back of house employees. They were in charge of motivating the team, keeping the team cohesive, making sure food didn't run out (I can still hear "86 on...." to this day haha-- "86" means something is out of stock). As a chef, my friends had much responsibility, but were proud of their work, and it really showed.

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Juan’s Answer

Managing other people.

have to realize that this is a country with people from multiple cultures, everyone things different, learning the ways to approach every single individual is a key in this industry

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Junnie’s Answer

Hi Ryan,

I always said if you have a passion for the job, the job is fun. In every way, I agreed with Juan, whether is managing people or working with people is the most challenging. Of course, there are ways or choices to handle each situation or each person. It is part of the journey of life, learning how to communicate and to be with other's who are not like you.

The other challenge of the job is long hours of work. 80 to 100 hours a week in the kitchen.

Of course, the hospitality is not the only field who have the same challenge.

I hope this will not discourage you to join the field. If you truly passionate about your work, you will make it work, it will not be a challenge.

Good Luck Ryan!