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What should I consider before going into this field ?

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I'm a high school student interested in being an obstetrician! I love being able to make people's lives brighten and to me that brightness for any expecting mother is being able to have their baby and hold him/her for the first time. I have a few distant family members in the field and hearing about what they do interested me! #obstetrician #medical #doctor #obgyn #midwiving #midwive #nurse #nursing #medicine #healthcare

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Farid’s Answer


Hey Jazmine,

Ofcourse, to become an obstetrician you've to go to medical school first and then do a mandatory residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I'd suggest, since you're in college, do get involved in some kind of medical research project. It doesn't matter what you choose for research at this stage as any medical research will boost your resume and chances of getting into a good medical school. I'd also recommend to do medical social work if you have time. You can volunteer at any hospital. It'll be a good experience not only in terms of learning but you'll see and interact first hand with medical professionals. Thinking of medical school is intimidating but hey there are thousands of students like you who choose this profession and get through it. I'm sure you've got the passion and resilience and you'll do it, just keep working towards it. In my experience it's the most rewarding profession, at the end of the day you've no regrets. I hope these help.