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How do most people enter the profession of accounting

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Tony’s Answer


Hey Deja,

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Most people who interested in entering the accounting field usually start their accounting job right after finishing their education, either public accounting or accounting in industry. I believe most colleges/universities have their own career fair now where companies like Big Four will come over and tabling. That would be a great opportunity to talk to the recruiter and get to know the available recruiting schedule and career path. The firm attend these kind of career fair usually will have interview either for internship or full-time job right after the fair. So it would be a great opportunity to get an offer. And I believe most of the schools now have their own career center or something like that devoted to help students get start on their career.

Another resource I would say is go check the employer's website, sometime it has a very detailed career page you can learn how you can get a job in the firm and their expectation.

Matthew’s Answer


Most accountants start right after leaving school as I did. Many schools have opportunities for firms and companies to come and meet students looking to start a career in accounting. Many firms have internships you can apply for as well. You should talk to your career office or the firm recruiter to get more information. This is one of the best ways to get to meet the firms before you finish college. You can even start the interview process while you finish classes, and might even have job offers before you graduate.

Matthew recommends the following next steps:

  • Meet your your career services office to talk about internships and upcoming events.

Raquel’s Answer


Hi Deja!

From my experience, having internships while in school are extremely helpful if you are trying to enter into an accounting role. Internships are nice because you may realize that the particular role you are interning in is not the best fit for your future. I interned with PwC while getting my masters degree and then was offered a full time position once I finished school. I loved my internship and then accepted the offer and have been working in tax at PwC for the past 4.5 years. A lot of internship opportunities are posted on company websites or linkedin.

Angela’s Answer


I started in entry-level accounting doing just Accounts Payable with a company.  From there, I moved into Accounts Receivable and then to Accounting Clerk.   

Angela recommends the following next steps:

  • Find an entry-level position with room to grow.
Getting a CPA or working toward getting a CPA would be tremendously helpful. It’s a recognized accounting credential and also there is going to be a lot of demand for it since many CPAs are expected to retire in the next decade. Tim Z.

Jeany’s Answer


The best way to enter the profession is to sign up for internships. You can either apply directly with the accounting firm, go through your school's Career Counseling group, or join an internship placement organization. Personally, I joined accounting clubs at school that held events with companies and I joined a group called Inroads that helped me with my resume, interviewing skills, and helped get me an internship at the company I still work for to this day, 15 years later!