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Are there important skills that are needed to become an orthodontist (e.g hand skills, verbal and/or written communication skills)?

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2 answers

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Sajan’s Answer

Elon, having great communication skills is always a great thing to have so that the patient's can understand and connect with you easier. As per the question about hand skills, you are not expected to have the hand skills to an orthondontist prior to getting accepted in an ortho program. You learn the hand skills while you in the ortho school.

Hope this helps!

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Gustavo’s Answer

Hello! These competencies that you highlighted are essential. Besides, every Professional must have a remarkable human empathy, principally to understand and comprehend the necessities of the patients. Several people have a certain kind of limitation to go to the dentist, and they are afraid to start a treatment. First, apart from the technical qualification, you must have patience and empathy for the patients; these qualities will assist you in finding a better approach to the treatments according to individually of each patient. I think it is one of the most fundamental skills you have to pursuit combined with technical qualifications. It is a remarkable combination, technical knowledge with human comprehension, achieve theses combination, and you become excellent professional.