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What is the best med school in the US?

Thats a good question I am think about Kent State Marie E.

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5 answers

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Richard’s Answer

For me the best medical school is the one that accepted me!

But seriously, the real answer depends on your goals. If you are interested in research, you should consider Harvard, Johns Hopkins, NYU or any school with a top reputation.

If you are interested in getting a highly competitive residency (Derm, ortho, ENT etc) then choose a school with top USMLE scores.

If you are interested in primary care, choose a public university so you keep your debt under control. In your state, UNC in Chapel Hill has an amazing reputation for both research and primary care. You couldn't go wrong applying there.

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Estelle’s Answer

The Ivy League schools are considered the "best" but your education depends on exactly how much you invest. All accredited medical schools prepare their students to enter residency and succeed.

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Tanya’s Answer

Primary care Pediatrics is a three year residency after medical school. You generally work in the community seeing all ages of kids and a variety of medical issues as well as being primarily responsible for well child check ups and vaccinations.
After this residency you can go on to a sub specialty, say cardiology. This allows you to see kids with cardiac issues. There are many sub specialties in pediatrics and it really depends on what you’re interested inane how long you want to devote to your training.

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Shivani’s Answer

Hi Henry,

Do not forget about the osteopathic medical schools as well! There are a lot of changes happening now with M.D and D.O residencies merging and accepting both types of students! I am currently going through this change right now.

In choosing a med school, (if you are a competitive applicant and have options) then choosing a school located near a major hospital will allow you to rotate and have experiences there, as opposed to a school in a more rural area.

Hope this helps!

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Henry,

I think that best is a hard term to define. I think it depends on what you would like to specialize in, because certain universities specialize in certain areas. However, in a recent article I read, the top 3 rated schools were: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and University of Pennsylvania.