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Pro and Cons of being a psychiatrist

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6 answers

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Dan’s Answer

-Life work balance
-Specialist in mental health, especially the severe and refractory cases. You will learn theory on psychopathology as well as the nuances of psychopharmacology. Due to this other physicians will consult you for your expertise.
-Some training in psychotherapy as well, but usually more psychopharm
-You're a physician
-Good pay
-Help people live their best lives essentially. In some cases, you allow them to participate in life.

-You hear some insane and damaging stories that makes you question life.
-You learn the detrimental effects of bipolar, schizophrenia, major depression as well as many other forms of mental illness not just towards the patient but for their families and society in general.
-You learn the limitations of medications and therapy as well as modern medicine.
- You may not be the most respected per hospital physician hierarchy.
- Low on procedures
- As with other specialties, after awhile you may get burned out due to malingering and drug seeking behavior

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Rachel’s Answer

My sister is a psychiatrist graduating from her psych residency this year. I will share with you her perspective that she gave in her final grand rounds: "I think it an honor to sit with people at their worst, to acknowledge their guilt, uncover their shame, and help alleviate the sting of life’s greatest injustices. I also think it a gift to celebrate alongside others when they fall in love, land their dream job, have children, beat cancer, or experience any of life’s incredible joys."

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Richard’s Answer

As compared to other physicians, psychiatrists usually have better hours, taking less ER and night call. They generally deal with patients in the office setting. Psychiatrists don’t have to get their hands dirty, so to speak, and don’t perform invasive procedures.

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Estelle’s Answer

The pros are that the work hours are not bad, there is little to no call, and there are no crises. The cons are that you can do little for your patience and it could be very emotionally draining.

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Michael’s Answer

The pros concerning psychiatry is that the psychiatrist has to endure a rigorous training regimen! With education and residency comes the profession! Understanding the human anatomy and especially the brain the professional can prescribe medications to help alleviate distress in the mind of the patient! The psychiatrist prescribes medication and the psychologist prescribes information in my opinion! The cons of psychiatry is like that of most professions! They are human and can sometimes be overwhelmed from the stressors of the job! They must understand when they are in danger and seek assistance just as the patient did when they found themselves in danger!

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Susan Delphine’s Answer

For me, as a psychiatrist, I treasure the study I did of the human body. Anatomy. Physiology, big time. Internal Medicine. Even Surgery and Pathology. It gave me not only a deep understanding of the complexity of the human body, but I can devise a medication plan, based on the psychiatric genes that are active, to treat the presenting complaint. I am also very well trained in Psychotherapy, so I can do both.