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Would it be more wise to pursue a bachelors in business administration or economics?

Asked Dallas, Texas

I want to pursue a career in the following areas of interest: finance, real estate, investing, commercial business, travel. I want to have a job that will provide me with lots of opportunity for my future. Not looking for anything specific. I just want to do something on a big scale with lots of responsibility and rewards involved. I plan on learning Chinese and potentially earning a minor in real estate.

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3 answers

Margaret’s Answer


Economics major would provide you with more education to assist with real estate and commercial business ventures. If you want to stay more generic, then I would suggest a major in Business Administration with a minor in Finance.

Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I would choose Economics but I majored in Econ while in college so my opinion is biased. Economics gives you a strong foundation to build upon especially if you plan on taking finance classes. Also, if you plan on going into real estate, you have to have a background in economics because the real estate market is very dependent upon the local economy.

Rand’s Answer


I recommend that you study economics. Some universities do not even offer a business degree at the bachelors level, only post graduate such as an MBA. A degree in economics will be more valuable to you when you graduate and are job seeking. However, for your electives you can take business courses, and in some universities have a minor in business administration.