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Matthew M. May 18, 2016 694 views

Would it be more wise to pursue a bachelors in business administration or economics?

I want to pursue a career in the following areas of interest: finance, real estate, investing, commercial business, travel. I want to have a job that will provide me with lots of opportunity for my future. Not looking for anything specific. I just want to do something on a big scale with lots...

#investing #real-estate #economics #hedge-funds #finance #business

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Mounia M. Feb 16, 2017 820 views

How to make connections on LinkedIn?

I am new to LinkedIn and am wondering who I should add as a connection? I also am transitioning into a different career section, hopefully the non-profit, human service, or social service sector and am not sure if I should add old employees/supervisors from the insurance industry. #networking...

#social-networking #linkedin #career-change #linkedin-recruiter

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Maurice D. Sep 01, 2017 582 views

Hows's Your Time Scheduling Being Your Own Boss?

I was asking because i know sometimes bosses of their own company's sometimes lose time to even witness their business prosper and you can create memories with your customers , so I was just wondering is everything you do on a daily basis takes up majority of your time where you can't be with...

#entrepreneurship #ceo #business