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Matthew M. May 18, 2016 687 views

Would it be more wise to pursue a bachelors in business administration or economics?

I want to pursue a career in the following areas of interest: finance, real estate, investing, commercial business, travel. I want to have a job that will provide me with lots of opportunity for my future. Not looking for anything specific. I just want to do something on a big scale with lots...

#finance #hedge-funds #real-estate #investing #economics #business

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Mark Z. May 19, 2016 806 views

How do I manage to find out which type of accounting firm is the right one for me?

Having an accounting job after college is something I am very excited to pursue and work hard for. However, I do not know which types of firms I should apply for. I know I should go and look at all types of firms, but what makes a work-place the "right one"? #business #finance #accounting...


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kusum C. Jun 24, 2016 704 views

what are the career opportunities to become a financial advisor?

I am a commerce student and want to make my career as financial advisor...what all I have to study to make my dream career into reality? #finance #accounting #economics #commerce...