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If I'm going for a degree in culinary arts and hospitality, why do I have to take/pay for classes that will not necessarily help nor affect anything with culinary arts?

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I want to be a chef and try and innovate the current food industry. My parents own a restaurant and I hope to further their business and bring fresh good quality food to America. Not the processed food widely available today. #colleges #chef #culinary-arts #food #food-service #personal-chef

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Rosie’s Answer

Updated California, California

Hi Robert,

One of the keys to being a successful anything is, be open to learning anything. You may not know why you need it but I guarantee your chef instructors do ask them! I have been a chef for 20 + years and I still learn new things everyday and I am open to learning, try to be open and see how it moves you closer to your dreams. Sometimes we have to keep our eyes on the past to see a clear future.

Hope that helps!