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Robert May 18, 2016 683 views

Why does the current generation coming out of the 2016-17 school year only care about money when finding a job? I have noticed a large amount of students not caring about what the jobs offer to society and are only concerned with the amount of money

I am an 18 year old entrepreneur and I am worried about my current generation of young adults moving into work force strictly for finnancial gain.

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Robert May 18, 2016 954 views

If I'm going for a degree in culinary arts and hospitality, why do I have to take/pay for classes that will not necessarily help nor affect anything with culinary arts?

I want to be a chef and try and innovate the current food industry. My parents own a restaurant and I hope to further their business and bring fresh good quality food to America. Not the processed food widely available today. #colleges #chef #culinary-arts #food #food-service #personal-chef