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Stanford, California

Within 40 mile radius
Amy’s Avatar
Amy 6 hours ago 56 views

What are some high paying jobs that no one talks about and what majors are attached to them?

I want to earn a lot of money after college and get a stable job, but I have no idea what I want to do in college :)

Amy’s Avatar
Amy 6 hours ago 112 views

Any helpful ways to find out what major I'll choose?

Hi I'm a Junior in Highschool and I still don't know what major I want to take. Is there any quick and helpful ways to figure that out?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy 6 hours ago 55 views

How hard is Architecture as a major?

Deciding major options, interested in building and creative expression type jobs.

o’s Avatar
o 8 hours ago 81 views

How has the industry in carpentry been treating you and the people in general?

helpful info is much appreciated.

o’s Avatar
o 8 hours ago 86 views

What are some first-day tips I should know and apply when starting as a carpenter?

any help info is much appreciated.

o’s Avatar
o 8 hours ago 83 views

How long have you been in the field of carpentry, and how much and what did you learn from working in the field?

I am a student currently working on getting into the field, so any helpful info would be appreciated.

Sky’s Avatar
Sky yesterday 89 views

What are some careers that needs art such as drawing and animation How are they needed? What are things or mistakes to look out for in the field??

11th grader

Jolin’s Avatar
Jolin yesterday 25 views

Are there any programs or games that I can practice on to improve my editing skills?

I am currently learning how to use Premiere Pro, but I want to do learn while creating projects that look good.

Jolin’s Avatar
Jolin yesterday 25 views

What type of jobs are there available with an archeology degree in the world?

I'm thinking of pursuing history, but I am. concerned about what jobs I would be doing in the future.

Owen’s Avatar
Owen yesterday 149 views

How long does it take to be a Therapist out of college?

I wanted to help people but I also wanted to follow my own limits.

jocelyn’s Avatar
jocelyn yesterday 45 views

Law school

Usually how long does it take to become a lawyer?

jocelyn’s Avatar
jocelyn yesterday 55 views

What should i consider when wanting to major in Law and Criminal Justice?

I'm interested in majoring in Law in Criminal Justice and i just want to learn how to prepare for that.

jocelyn’s Avatar
jocelyn yesterday 37 views

Where can i find scholarships ?

Im currently in 11th grade and curious about where i can find scholarship.

miyana’s Avatar
miyana yesterday 57 views

How hard is it to become an Elementary school teacher?

I've heard horror stories about people who are in college to become teachers. I've heard that often times they have a heavier work load than nursing students. I'm just wondering if this is true.

miyana’s Avatar
miyana yesterday 76 views

Is the pressure of being a woman in STEM extreme?

I've been considering going down a Stem path when I get to college but I'm worried I would be too intimidated to actively pursue my degree.

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