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To specialize in a particular field of nursing, what are the steps?

I want to specialize in neonatal nursing, and are wondering the steps to take to achieve my goal! #nurse #nursing #hospital-and-health-care #science #college

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2 answers

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Nick’s Answer

Hi Noelle, specialty areas such as #criticalcare and #neonatology in #nursing don’t require any education beyond any the entry level, bachelor, associates or diploma routes. However, most #neonatal positions are looking for candidates with a bachelors in nursing. Sometimes, hospitals are willing to train new grads, although this is slight more difficult to find. As an alternative, :any nurses go into OB, and then make the jump to neonatal ICU. I’m an adult ICU RN, but from what I hear sometimes breaking into neonatal world is difficult - more so than other specialities-because many nurses in this specialty don’t turnover as much as say other areas. That being said, if it’s your passion - go for it, shadow nurses in a unit, express interest with your instructors.

National #certification is what we call board certification in Nursing and it’s voluntary but highly recommended after practicing a few years in a specialty. Our professional organization, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses offers neonatal critical care certification that is worth looking into.

Now if you want to head into #advancedpractice then that’s more education often a masters or doctoral degree to become a #neonatal #nursepractitioner

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Vernon’s Answer

Get you B.S.R.N. During that time you will do a neonatal rotation. After you get your degree you will have to seek out your own employment in the field you desire. You should, of course, do extra reading and volunteering in your chosen field.