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Are there any free or programs with scholarships that high school students can apply for to gain experience in a biology related field?

So many college summer programs cost thousands of dollars, and I really wanted to know if there were any that have reduced costs and were available for low income families. scholarships summer studying financial-aid biology

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2 answers

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Madison’s Answer

You are right, there are expensive college prep programs, but you should avoid those. They are not necessary and will just set you even further back financially. Instead, you should look for a summer job that pays you at least minimum wage and that helps you gain skills for college. Try finding a local college or university that may need summer interns in the biology department. You could also ask local health offices, or wildlife centers, etc. Depends on what area of biology you are interested in.

Even working a non-biology job is going to beneficial to you. But try to find a biology related company or department to work for if you can!
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Kimberly’s Answer

Hi Laney,
Have you tried looking into the American Chemical Society project SEED? They are in multiple locations and offer opportunities to motivated, low income students.
You should also check out Johns Hopkins Center for talented youth. They have a list of programs and internships available in different states:
Best of luck to you! science highschool summer-internship summer