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Laney May 25, 2016 927 views

Are there any free or programs with scholarships that high school students can apply for to gain experience in a biology related field?

So many college summer programs cost thousands of dollars, and I really wanted to know if there were any that have reduced costs and were available for low income families. #scholarships #summer #studying #financial-aid #biology

jose’s Avatar
jose Jan 22, 2018 516 views

Interested in science

I'm trying to decide whether to pursue biology or chemistry but i'm not sure which would pay better and would be easier and less stressful. #science #chemistry #biology

Ken’s Avatar
Ken Apr 19, 2021 735 views

What are useful skills for people studying biology?

I will soon be studying biology in college and would like to know if there are important skills that can help me be successful in careers in the field. #science #biology #career #help

afraz’s Avatar
afraz Apr 15, 2021 1904 views

what is the work of data scientist

#groups #scientist #scientists #forensic-scientists #data-science #actuary

anderw’s Avatar
anderw Sep 04, 2018 524 views

Can i be a biologist in Indianan. How much will i make. What else will i have to know.

i am looking for a job that allows me to be a biologist that study all types of DNA and animals, plants, and virus. I would like to look into selective breeding and more. #biologist. #biology

Tessa’s Avatar
Tessa Feb 02, 2020 502 views

What is the best advice for someone interested in having a career in the science field?

#science #career-path #career

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Nov 08, 2019 848 views

Do you work in groups or by yourself?

#data scientist #it #technology