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I want to be a athlete what should i do in order to be in the NBA, NFL, FIFA, boxing

i am asking that because i want to do the job i can feel proud of doing and bing able to have a great life. i also want to do this because i want my family to be proud of me and my sister can say "That's my brother." #sports #football #basketball #soccer #athletics #training

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2 answers

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Cari’s Answer

Excellent question. While I am not an athlete, I was a professional dancer and starting performing at a very young age. I went to class everyday and had rehearsal two or three days a week (more when right before a performance). Classes and rehearsals were several hours long.
In any entertainment field - sports, theater, fine arts, etc.- you have to work hard all the time. You must strive to be the best each and every day. If you have an off day, it’s okay because there is always tomorrow. Just be sure to learn from your experience.
You must act with integrity, honesty, humility, respect, and kindness. I point this out because good sportsmanship requires these attributes. No matter the field you enter, you must be a team player - giving it your all for yourself as well as the benefit of the team.
Giving it 100% everyday also applies to your school work. You must maintain good grades. It is important to study hard and get the most out of your learning experience.
Good luck to you!

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Timothy’s Answer

Great question Miguel. It takes a lot of hard work to be a professional athlete. You have to love the process of working hard to get better and be able to accept the instructions of coaches and other experts. There are also many other opportunities in sports that you may want to consider which include coaching, sports medicine, sports training and athletic administration just to name a few. It is even more important to get good grades in school and to make yourself an example for others to follow. I wish you all the best.#sports-management